Open 24/7 by email or phone! In-Store: Mon-Sat 10am – 5pm; Closed on Sundays in Jan/Feb 2023         

Other times by chance or appointment.

101 West Marcy Street, Ste #2

TOKo Santa Fe is an Asian-leaning Modernist-style boutique, with a strong Euro flavor.  We feature studio design from around the world, with a consciousness that the clothing must do a few things:

Our space is perfectly located:

Santa Fe, on
W. Marcy Street,

across from La Boca.


If we have a “Look”, it is a continuum:

From the cool, subtle, Japanese minimalist aesthetic

To the whimsical (fun stitching or surface embellishments or asymmetrical cuts)

To the opulent—lots of rich colors, lots of layering of unmatched but coordinating patterns and shapes

Brands we feature:  YaccoMaricard (Japan), Terry Macey (England), Sarah Pacini (Italy), Setsuko Torii (Japan), Snapdragon (US), Traces of Me by Teresa Martins (Portugal), with jewelry by Lora Nikolova (Italy), Neo from Italy, Alex + Svet from Paris, scarves by Margo Selby, Ulrike Isensee and Nuno

But we aren’t only clothing and scarves and accessories.  We are also a bit about Lifestyle—from inexpensive production tabletop ceramics to books to cast glass houses by an artist from Japan to handmade ceramics, artisan-made from Japan.  We are open to and interested in new designers, that are in our aesthetic, and are not duplicative of what we already have.

But having great designers and a great location is only half our promise.  Having a great team that welcomes our clients and know style, along with supporting area non-profits, so that we can actively give back in our community is critical to our success.

Interview with Jill

Our Team:

Toko Introduces Suki

Toko was Jill’s Aussie Shepherd-Blue Heeler mix dog, named after a dear friend, Toyoko, from Japan. Toko the Dog, opened TOKo Santa Fe with us, but has now moved on to the Great Dog Park in the Clouds. In her stead, we introduce our new Aussie-Poodle baby, Suki. We hope that she'll come to love hanging out at the shop with us, greeting you when you come in, commenting on your choices of clothing. We are just waiting for her to stop jumping in excitement on our clients! Soon. She is wiley in spirit, just like Toko was, and just like the rest of us.

Jill Heppenheimer

creative director and entrepreneur, textilian, collector, and owner of TOKo Santa Fe, has been in the textile business since 1992, with stints before that in product development, strategic planning and advertising.

Edelle Vartan

lead sales person and knitter in her spare time, is the consummate client-focused team member. She is enthusiastic about design, is a master at bringing the client together with the right possibilities in the shop. She knows her way around style.

Robin Schneider

relatively new to Santa Fe, and to small studio designers is nevertheless a fashion maven, and loves a touch of bling, encouraging her clients to take one small step out of their comfort zone to find a new set of duds for every day or events. She meets you where you are, then leads you to a new place.

Lynne Gahan

From San Clemente, CA, have lived in Santa Fe for 10 years. Things and beings I love: my family, my cat, clothes, flowers and talking to all of you, our clients!