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Most frequent questions and answers

Some designers create “one size fits most”.  Others size. That said, there are few standards for sizes for small studio designers and artists, we have found. We provide measurements of bust/chest, and length.  If you have a particular concern about sleeve fullness (armhole circumference) or hip measurement or other concerns about fit, then ask us on the “order form” for each product page on the website.

Overall, it is fair to say that we are not “fitted” in our look.  We tend to be fuller in most shapes, “accommodating”, we like to say.  However, there are exceptions. We will often give information if we think that you need to know that a particular product is “best for wee ones” or “voluminous”.

TOKo Santa Fe is named for Toko, Jill’s sweet but demanding 11+ year old Aussie Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix dog.  Toko was named after a dear friend, Toyoko, in Kyoto, whose mother called her “Toko”, as a term of endearment. That is where it started.  Subsequently, we have learned that “toko” in Indonesian means “store”. And in an Ethiopian tribal language, “#1”. We accept other submissions on its meaning in other languages, if you’d like to share more information with us!

Our hours are 10am – 5pm Monday – Saturday, November – April 15, and til 6pm April 16-October 31.  Sundays, we are open 12-5pm, December, April 15-October 31. Outside of those times, please give us 24-hour notice, and we will work with you to find a time to rendezvous.

We approach this on a case-by-case basis, because 95% of our designers are from Japan, Portugal, France, Italy, England and other overseas locations.  If we do a special order, and something is made expressly for you, the client, there is an obligation to purchase it, meaning nonrefundable.

Our focus is Asian and Euro-leaning Modernist design.  We love all black, color, pattern, subtle, the gamut. We search far and wide; we travel to meet designers where they create, and at specialty trade shows. Because we have been in the textile and fashion business for over 27 years, we have wonderful connections with terrific and creative designers all over the planet.

We love the men in our lives, and would love to dress you.  Right now, we can take care of your socks! At least if you have a sense of humor.  We have some designers’ work that is considered unisex, like that of Chinalai Modern (Thailand) and Artpoint (Vienna). And of course, lots of wonderful scarves. In the meantime, we will continue to have our eyes out for cool men’s shirts and sweaters.  We have folks feeding us ideas, so in 2020, we’ll have something happening in this department!

Make us an offer!  We will entertain the idea of coming to do a trunkshow in cool cities that have good museums, good food and cool people.  We have a really wonderful client base, right here in River City, and are happy to stay put, but given the right incentive….  In 2020, we will definitely have a trunk show in Dallas, and probably Chicago. Stay tuned. And sign up on our email list for eblasts about what we are doing and where we are going.

This is just the seque we needed to add:  join us in Santa Fe for occasional events and talks.  In 2020, we’ll be having a “Scarf Afternoon”, complete with sparkling wine to unleash your creativity, a workshop on color theory, expert talks about design, pattern and global markets, and more.

Again, we focus on international designers so are looking primarily for small studio designers from Japan and Europe.  However, if you are interested in having us consider your work, please email, with your resume and professional images of your most current work, and a statement of your wholesale prices.

We begin with the development of relationship—who are you, what colors do you like, what designers on our website appeal to you, what is your credit card balance (just kidding), size info, etc.  Let’s talk. Edelle, Jill, Robin and Rahel will look forward to some preliminary conversation. We are happy to create “On Approval Boxes”, and will review how that works when you are ready to move in that direction! Our phone number is 505-470-4425.