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Carole Waller (Bath, England)
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About Carole Waller

Gosh, we’ve known Carole since the mid or late 1990’s, when she was introducing her work into the US. We’ve visited her and her ceramics-artist husband, Gary Wall, in her Bath, England studio in the early 2000’s. She is the consummate art-to-wear artist who has kept her finger on the pulse of brilliant composition on silk. And because she maintains an open studio/gallery in Bath, she is very in touch with the end-wearer, so is constantly updating her look without losing her visual language of color, abstract imagery, geometry and clothing shapes that are imminently wearable.

Born in Birmingham England in 1956, Carole began to make wearable art in 1986. She studied at the Canterbury College of Art, then pursued her MA at Cranbrook Academy of Art near Detroit.

Her work is featured in many books on contemporary textiles and is found in museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Birmingham City Art Gallery, private collections and contemporary galleries internationally.