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Terry Macey (England)
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About Terry Macey

Terry Macey, together with wife Angelika Elsebach, and son Jethro Macey, runs a family business in the heart of Somerset, England (Glastonbury). Terry and Angelika employ their passion for textiles and hands-on experience with what women want to wear. Son Jethro is the force behind making Terry Macey, the company, become an international brand, building beyond their small studio origin. Still, their ethos is to remain a clothing company with a focus on the handmade, rather than mass production.

The clothes are made in their charming studio, a converted Chapel in the burgh of Glastonbury. After years of research into fabric quality, they now use only carefully sourced natural fabrics; predominantly Irish linen, English wools, Donegal and Scottish tweeds, and crushed silks and silk velvets.