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Artpoint Cobalt Coated Cotton Pants with Black Cumberbund


Designer Lena Kvadrat founded her brand, Artpoint at the end of the 90s in Russia under changing conditions of that economy. Since 2001, she has lived and worked in Austria, infusing her clothing and accessory design with unisexism, adaptability and high spirit. Her work is a fusion of “sports”/active wear with fashion.  Her product is fabricated primarily in Slovakia.

• Bright cobalt blue cotton pants with shiny coating that makes them water repellent, and appear like leather

• High (6”) elasticized/fitted “cumberbund” waistband, can be worn as shown or turned over

• High waisted, full legs that taper to a cuff, lined (Fall/Winter weight)

• Full in seat and thighs

• Side-seam pockets

• Small: 32″ around at waist, 38″ around at hips, 29″ long inseam, 38″ long outer seam

Medium: 36″ around at waist, 40″ around at hips, 29″ long inseam, 38″ long outer seam

Large: 38″ around at waist, 44″ around at hips, 29″ long inseam, 39″ long outer seam

Cotton 75%, poly 22%, 3% elastane

Cold water wash, hang to dry

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