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Bibi Hanum Mixed Ikat Silk-Cotton V-Neck Top Neutrals Black & Beige


“BIBI HANUM™ is a socially responsible enterprise that creates garments and accessories using traditional hand-woven silk cotton ikat fiber. Founded by Muhayo Alieva it’s mission is to provide economic opportunities for women while preserving Uzbekistan’s rich cultural and ethnographic heritage.” We’ve know Muhayo from her years showing at International Folk Art Market, and are pleased to curate a simple, small collection of her garments and bags.

• 80% woven silk, 20% woven cotton, hand-dyed ikat fabric

* Oversized pullover shirt, dropped shoulders, 3/4 length sleeves with turn-back cuff

• Fold-down or stand collar, opening at neck into a V, side vents

• There may be variations in the thickness of the yarn, which results in tiny slubs or irregularities. This adds character and uniqueness to the cloth

Occasionally, you may notice small irregularities in the weft or warp threads, such as tiny knots or variations in tension. These are a natural outcome of the weaving process and contribute to knowing that the finished textile is handmade

• Interesting blends of ikat silk-cotton fabrics with solids

• V-Neck with banded mandarin collar, turn-back cuff

• High-low front-to-back (26.5″ long in front, 28.25″ long in back)

• One size: 56″ around at bust, fits sizes 10-14

• Recommend dry clean only

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