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BLSSD Black & Silver Sequin V-Neck Sweater


BLSSD is a high-end Dubai fashion label that started out as a cancer support group by founder Lama Riachi, along with her partner, her sister, Lys. Lama is a cancer survivor, and they use the phrase, “Pret a Gratitude” as an underpinning of their brand’s identity and guiding star. Additionally, Lama and Lys are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing in a fast-fashion world.

“We favour free-size designs that limit production of ­endless sizes and we always limit our production runs to smaller quantities that not only help us control excess inventory, but also push our limited-edition philosophy”.

“The environmental damage caused [by fast fashion] is now becoming a crisis without tangible solutions in sight. We are not fans of this approach to fashion and believe there is a better way, a way that celebrates individuality, has a purpose and makes fashion play a more meaningful role than just being aesthetic.”

Their look is minimalist, comfortable, street-ready, and designed to transition seamlessly between work and play.

• Black & Silver Sequin deep V-Neck sweater, lined, adorned with rib wrist and hem treatment

• 31″ long x 48″ around at bust, narrows at hip

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