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Carole Waller Handpainted Cotton Loose Jacket


Carole Waller is a fine art painter who specializes in painting with fabric dye directly onto cloth for the purpose of making completely unique painted clothing. What differentiates her work is the contemporary voice that she brings to her work, mining her interior mind, combining influences from her late artist husband and partner, Gary Wood. The power of words is infused in her work, along with a richness of color that defines each piece. Carole began making wearables in 1986, and as happens with many artists, time passes and the work becomes more about abstraction than shape. She trained in painting at Canterbury College of Art, followed by achieving an MA at Cranbrook Academy of Art near Detroit. Her work is featured in many books on contemporary textiles and is found in museums such as the V&A, private collections and contemporary galleries internationally. We have worked with Carole for about 15-20 years.

• Handpainted organic cotton drill coat with frayed finish edges – it is unlined so can be worn as a shirt dress.

• Similar weight to denim

• The ‘Container’ in the title “implies the way that cloth surrounds and wraps us in colour and meaning. Images, brushmarks and words are multilayered with colours changing as they are overlayed, and slipping in and out of each other to suggest the complexity and depth of our experience…incorporates snippets of poetry and the texture of clay artworks by Gary Wood. The ‘Container’ idea came from Gary’s use of a small square frame which he pressed into clay to make shapes in his wallpieces. I used it as a screenprint in this group of pieces to allow a containment for colour and shape. The last line of one of his poems reads ‘Fill your house with delight’ – and I hope this will fill your wardrobe with light and colour.”

• Button down, no collar, long sleeves loose jacket in cotton drill (like denim)

• Raw edges/fringed cotton

• Handpainted blue, white, beige soft orange

• 2 front patch pockets

• 44″ around at bust, 29″ long; best fits sizes 10-12

Recommend dry cleaning

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