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Char White Cotton Voile A-Line Shirt


Char Vasquez is a local Santa Fe designer with a long history of creative white and black shirt development. She draws upon classic designs and adds her own twist.

• High-low A-line design with 1 chest pocket, entered from the side

• High button-up collar, button down

• Faggoting (decorative stitching, creating a zigzag pattern, leaving a narrow gap between sleeve and cuff) at cuff

• 100% woven voile cotton, fabricated in Bali; wonderfully lightweight for summer

• Sizes: XS 42″ around at the bust, 52″ around at the hips, 27″ long in front, 30″ long in back

Small 46″ around at the bust, 54″ around at the hips, 28″ long in front, 31″ long in back

Medium 50″ around at the bust, 56″ around at the hips, 29″ long in front, 32″ long in back

Large 54″ around at the bust, 58″ around at the hips, 29″ long in front, 32″ long in back

XL 56″ around at the bust, 62″ around at the hips, 30″ long in front, 33″ long in back


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