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Chinalai Modern Eco-Print Natural Handspun Cotton Duster


Somporn Intaraprayong is the artisan/designer behind Chinalai Modern from Bangkok, Thailand. In conjunction with input and design support from Vichai Chinalai (Bangkok-New York), this ethnic brand brings forward the innovation born of stitching traditions from Thailand. Somporn is a self-taught textile artist. She has deployed her creativity and dedication to lift women up in villages around Thailand; together, they design and sew and stitch clothing and accessories by hand using traditional techniques.

The calendared cotton jackets are woven cotton, dyed indigo, surfaced with egg white wash and hammered to create a shiny surface. Then, red thread is used to outline and embellish these jackets.

They soften with wear and cold water washing. There is a swooshing sound when you wear them, reminiscent of autumn leaves. These are unisex and special

• Natural handspun woven cotton open front duster with eco-print triangles and some eucalyptus leaves and lines

• 1 front patch pocket, round rolled neckline

• Natural, purple, tan, soft eucalyptus green

• 56″ around at bust, 44″ long. Best fits sizes 10-14

Spot clean and/or cold water wash, hang to dry or dry clean

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