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EKO Pleated Poly Kimono Jacket Brick


Artisanal pleating is an origami-inspired fabric manipulation technique mastered by the French. There are only a handful of hand-done pleaters in the world. Sarah Saint-Pol works in the southwestern part of Franch, developing a limited collection of beautiful clothing and accessories. They appear elegant, but are meant to be worn in your everyday life: with jeans or with silk clothing. All 100% satin polyester, these items can be cleaned in machine washers, at temperatures of 86 degrees fahrenheit. Hand washing is NOT recommended, and do not iron. If your item gets creased in any way, rinse in hot water and hang it up, and it will return to its original shape. All pieces are entirely designed, sewn and pleated EKO’s workshop in Southern France, using high quality raw materials to guarantee them a long lifespan.

• Satin poly

• Brick/Terra Cotta

• 41″ length, one size, self-tie closure

• 3/4 sleeve length

• Best fits sizes 6-10

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