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Elsa Esturgie “Janvier” Wool Knit Pullover Vest Ecru


Elsa has a Japonesque and timeless style, though she designs and produces all of her collections in Paris. “Sobre and sophisticated, chic and contemporary, her minimalist and subtle creations reflect her poetry in a playful assembly…Elsa is fond of the elegance and simplicity of the neutral tones.” Her pieces are largely natural fibers, either cotton, or a mix of cotton and wool or wool and silk. They are sized, and tend to run small.

• Pullover V-Neck vest of virgin wool outer layer, organic cotton inner layer, intentional that inner layer extends beyond wool hemline

• Deep armhole opening to accommodate full sleeve

• Sizes 36, 38, 40 available

36: 36″ around at bust, 22″ long

38: 38″ around, 22″ long

40: 40″ around at bust, 22.5″ long

Recommend dry cleaning

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