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Global Girls Vintage Indigo Stripe Tote #2


Designer Linda Hackett of Los Angeles draws upon her experience in fashion and travel to source kuba fabrics and vintage indigo from Africa, and to then style handbags and totes. These are well-made, with internal pockets, leather straps and handles and provide “right livelihood” to nearly 170 artisans in Africa.

• Kuba cloth is the fabric in this bag. Kuba fabrics are made from the raffia fibers of palm trees by Kasai people, living deep in the Congo. This is a very time-consuming process to produce these fabrics; the leaves of the palm tree are pounded and boiled until the fibers begin to fray. Men are the weavers, women dye and design the materials.

• 15″ wide, 18″ tall and 4″ deep

• 24″ long double leather shoulder strap

• Internal pockets, no closure


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