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Habitat Mixed Plaid / Checkerboard Shirt


Habitat is a US-based clothing design company, led by Suzanne Connelly. Her goal with the pieces that we select is to have a premium artful design collection, using internationally-sourced prints.These are meant for the creative, well-traveled woman, meaning “easy care” and good price points.

• Black and white mixed plaid/checkerboard shirt

• Stand or fold-down collar

• Permanent crinkle poly fabric

• Button-down, full length sleeves

Sizes: S-L

S: 42″ around at bust, 22″ long in front, 24″ long in back

M: 44″ around at bust, 23″ long in front, 26″ long in back

L: 48″ around at bust, 25″ long in front, 27″ long in back

XL: 52″ around at bust, 25″ long in front, 27″ long in back

Cold water wash, hang to dry

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