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Hester Van Eeghen Barrel Bag Yellow Leather


Hester van Eeghen began her leather design company in 1988, casting off her background in Dutch literature and law for a more hands-on design pursuit.  Her attraction to leather was due to its sensual nature, its luxury, the excitement of color possibilities in the material. “Hester has always considered [leather bags to be] something very personal…something held close to the body and in a way it is the biggest secret one carries around, it can hide everything and reveal only what one wants to be revealed. It is an extension of the person, something like a second skin…” While designed in Amsterdam, the leather bags more recently are being made in Italy, known for the quality of their leather materials and production.

• Round like a barrel, this ‘sausage’ shaped bag has a colourful little closure

• Can be worn on or over the shoulder and it can hold a surprising amount of things, perfect for a party or for daily use

• Narrow leather strap long enough to wear crossbody

• Small pocket on inside

• 8″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″ depth

• Yellow and black leather

• Has cowhide (animal print) on ends

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