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In-Zu Cocco Neo Bag from Italy Black & Tangerine Hive


Designer Elena Zuin combined her interest in technical textile design with drawing and artistic printing. She studied mostly in Spain, then returned to her native Italy to develop her collection of minimalist and creative bags, made of a variety of technical poly materials.

• Lightweight and tactile in design, the Cocco Neo features durable neoprene shoulder straps that make it a comfortable option for wearing throughout the day or night.

• Features a zippered pocket as well as a large, deep slip pocket for easy-access storage.

• Rouching of the material at each end of the neoprene handles allows the bag to be slightly adjusted for more space when outstretched, and very eye-catching

• 18″ wide x 15″ tall x 2″ deep

• Contemporary flair

• Handmade in Italy

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