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Jianhui "Pashmina" 5-Strand Yellow Beaded Necklace


Jianhui of London is a well-known jeweler, who works in sustainable materials, and fuses a love of his urban lifestyle, opulence and an appreciation of the natural world  Jianhui (pronounced with a soft “J” as in “Jean” with a French accent, and “way”, as in “Jean-Way”) designs with wood beads, surface glittery paint, a leather-like cord material and other elements to create “over the top” jewelry.  Sure, he does understated pieces, but we are drawn to his wilder-side.  And to your’s.

We are showcasing a lot of his multistrand handmade pieces, that are “joined” with non-permanent ribbon; you can wear these singly or in two or in all 5-10.  But we sell most of his jewelry as sets. The result of his creativity is a massive range of eye-catching, beautiful and environmentally-friendly ornamentation, available in an array of colors.

• This collection of 5 strands of very small square cube beads are ethically-sourced, handpainted, and he calls them “Pashmina”, because Jianhui’s intent is that they be worn casually, and “thrown” around the neck, and treated like a pashmina shawl:  doubled, worn tied, hung long, etc.

• This style comes in lots of color options, but this one is Yellow with some gold spatter.

• 54″ around, full length.

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