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Jianhui Patchwork Recycled Leather Tote Black Strap


Jianhui of London is a well-known jeweler, and now designer of apparel and scarves, who works in sustainable materials, and fuses a love of his urban lifestyle, opulence and an appreciation of the natural world.  Jianhui (pronounced with a soft “J” as in “Jean” with a French accent, and “way”, as in “Jean-Way”) is now working with a workshop in Indonesia to take advantage of his love of textile techniques. His newfound love of batik has found its way to TOKo.

• Patchwork tote of recycled leather with whip-stitching

• Double handles of leather, and adjustable crossbody shoulder strap

• Pocket on outside, snap closure

• 13″ wide, 11.5″ tall, 4″ gusset deep

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