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Jill McGowan Astrid White Broadcloth Shirt


Jill McGowan is a small American brand, specializing in the design and production of easy to wear and stylish fine women’s shirts since 1994. Like many young women, Jill and her sister and mother made their own fashions in the 70’s, savoring the patterns and the specialty fabrics. She went on to become a patternmaker in the men’s shirt industry. After comparing her work on men’s shirts to women’s clothing of equal price, she recognized the genuine need to bring the same standard to women’s clothing. TOKo Santa Fe is pleased to be bringing well-made and very functional sized shirts to the women who make up our TOKo-circle!

• This is our favorite shape of Jill’s designs: easy-to-wear, straight, no nonsense, always feel “buttoned up”

Generous fit, great stand-up or fold-down collar, side slits

• Full length sleeve, button at cuff

• Egyptian Cotton Broadcloth

• Interesting back detail with 3 pieces of fabric • Structured to enhance your shape, but easy wear–sized intentionally generous

• Can be worn as shirt or jacket

• X Small:  25″ long, 42″ around at bust, 43″ around at hips Small: 26″ long, 44″ around at bust, 45″ around at hips Medium: 27″ long, 46″ around at bust, 47″ around at hips Large: 28″ long, 48″ around at bust, 49″ around at hips XLg: 28″ long, 50″ around at bust, 51″ around at hips

Cold water wash, hang to dry

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