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Maki Textiles Scarf


The Maki Sisters are well-known around the Japanophile community of the world, working with all hand-spun materials, in India, creating ethereal stoles and shawls. All of their works are hand-woven with hand-made yarns such as hand-reeled, hand-spun silks using traditional Japanese or Indian techniques. In accordance with an old Japanese method, the silk yarns are not degummed fully before being dyed with vegetable dyes and woven on the hand looms. Although they “hand” is a bit stiff in the beginning, the more you wear them, the softer they become.

Store avoiding sunlight or moisture.(Stoles can be stored being rolled to avoid folds)

• 100% silk

• 68″ x 20″

Add a drop of neutral detergent in lukewarm water, hand wash gently pushing up and down, drain off the water using a towel etc., and dry in shade. Drying with a steam iron can give some positive effects on the texture of fabrics.


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