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Marigold Broadband Necklaces, designed by Joni Brenner, Johannesburg


We want to get this right so we quote directly from Joni Brenner, artist/designer based in Johannesburg, Africa. “Marigold is the name of a co-operative specializing in loomed beadwork, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Established in 1992, Marigold produced items such as headbands, chokers, purses and belts for local and overseas markets. Since 2011 they have collaborated with Bulawayo-born, Johannesburg-based artist Joni Brenner to make the hand-loomed necklaces”.

The sizes of these continuous loops of beadwork varies from narrow (less than 3/4 of an inch in width, 44-45″ around) to wide and really long (1-1/2″ wide, 96″ around).  The price range is $120 each to $698.

This set of broadband necklaces is about 1″ wide, 44-45″ around, $258 each. Let us know which you want (they look great singly or in groupings of 2) by counting across (there are 7 broadband necklaces here).

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