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Matthildur Irridescent Pants


Matthildur Halldorsdottir of the Peru-based brand, MATTHILDUR, draws upon influences from her “many lives”, living around the world. Born in Iceland, currently residing in Peru, she has lived in Japan, India, Denmark and New York, “all the while soaking up all of diverse cultures which have made their way into her design aesthetic. The distinctive styles, colors and patterns are the trademarks of Matthildur’s decisive and durable designs.” She adds “getting dressed is part of a ritual of becoming oneself, while for others it serves the symbolic gesture of an empowering armor.

I think quality is an essential ingredient of the aesthetic relationship between product and customer.  Making clothes that meet high standards in sourcing materials, empathizing in the design and manufacturing the product is an integral part of my mission.”

• Lantern cut pants with fitted waist, zipper closure in back

• Full legs that taper to the ankle

• 2 front pockets

• Three sizes: Size 1-32″ around at the waist, 40″ around at the hips, 27″ inseam

Size 2-33″ around at the waist, 41″ around at the hips, 28″ inseam

Size 3-34″ around at the waist, 42″ around at the hips, 29″ inseam

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