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Ock Pop Tok Olive Cultivated Silk Scarf


Ock Pop Tok is a collaboration between one British artist, Jo Smith, and one Lao artist, Veo Douangdala, who together, bring forward the work of weavers and dyers in villages throughout northern Laos. The two women joined forces, united in their dream of sharing ethically produced, sustainable handwoven textiles with the world.

What began as a small workshop of five female weavers in 2000 has since blossomed into one of the largest and most well-respected textile producers in Laos and Southeast Asia—with multiple locations employing around 400 highly skilled artisans.

Weaving has a rich tradition in Laos where women have been creating silk textiles for over 1,000 years. The practice has passed down from generation to generation where it was customary for the women to breed silkworms, dye the silk with dyes derived from plants, then weave fabric for themselves and their families.

• This cultivated silk scarf is woven in Laos through Ock Pop Tok.  The name of the weaver of the cloth is printed on the hangtag. The central diamond motif plays a recurring role in Lao textiles. This one is quiet and sophisticated.

• 70″ long x 15″ wide

• 6″ of tightly twisted silk fringe on each end

Handwash cold water, hang to dry

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