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PilgrimWaters Cotton-Silk Midi Shawl Salmon-Slate Combo


Susy Pilgrim Waters and Keith Waters established PilgrimWaters in 2012 and today they design and manufacture their own unique collection of scarves and shawls.

Their exquisitely handmade merino wool and cotton/silk or cotton/linen textiles are printed with Susy’s minimalist surface designs. The woven  and handprinted cloth is created in Nepal. Their products draw on their professional expertise in illustration and computer design. Together, they create around a modernist and handcrafted aesthetic.

“The Midi scarf is super flexible to wear, wrapped, folded in half, tied, or dandily placed fresh on your shoulders.  The up-cycled 100% silk sari edges give an extra dimension of finish with a glimmer of sophistication.

• Individually handwoven of 70% cotton, 30% silk

• Handmade in Nepal

• 85″ L x 21″ W

Hand wash cold water, hang to dry


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