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Plush Cashmere Asymmetrical Sweater Fuchsia


Plush Cashmere has been offering cashmere knitwear in the US for several seasons, and we are delighted with their color selections!

The products are handcrafted by local Nepal artisans who belong to a community using century-old techniques to knit their cashmere products. The mix of traditional techniques and modern designs is
what makes the Plush collection so appealing to us. Plush is a company that prioritizes handmade products, minimizing automated machines and electricity, thereby minimizing the prospects of a negative ecological impact.

Their main source of cashmere raw material is Mongolia as cashmere goats live in high altitudes. Plush works closely with companies who work with Mongolian farmers to collect cashmere fibers. Cashmere collection is a natural process of combing the goat in the season when they start shedding, which is then spun into yarn. One goat produces only four ounces of cashmere in a season, making the fiber rare and exclusive, which explains the price of cashmere.

90% of the workers in the Plush factory in Nepal are women who belong to the local community and have inherited their handicraft skills. Plush is committed to supporting these women and empowering them, hoping to contribute toward positive change in society.

• 100% fine cashmere asymmetrical jewelneck pullover sweater

• Dropped shoulder, bracelet length or full sleeves (depends on your arm length)

• A little bit higher in front, on the diagonal

• Size XS: 44″ around at bust, 20″ long at shortest point, 24″ long at longest point

• Size S: 46″ around at bust, 21″ long at shortest point, 25″ long at longest point

• Size M: 48″ around at bust, 22″ long at shortest point, 27″ long at longest point

• Size L: 50″ around at bust, 23

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