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Rosen Boulevard Coat Jacquard Silk with Embroidered Trim


Rosen Shanghai is an independent brand, led by contemporary designer Gracia Ventus. It is a design approach that draws upon luxurious materials and fabrics with experimental treatments and cut, then shaped into modern architectural silhouettes. Some are “ethnic” in flavor, others more classic European.

• Boulevard coat is an urban style, with a nod to the French Concession in Shanghai, timeless, at the intersection of the “Orient” and European design

• Linear pattern, “Deconstructed Luxury” coat

• Mix of greyish jacquard silk & nylon, drapey, oversized elegance

• Embellished by beige faux furry trim of a bygone era

• 6″ High collar, buttons all the way up, full sleeve, one of a kind

• 70″ around at the bust, 80″ around at the hips, 37″ long in back, 41″ long in front

• 31″ from center back to wrist

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