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Rosen Shanghai Kitano Unisex Shirt in Blue-Brown Jacquard Silk


Rosen Shanghai is an independent brand, led by contemporary designer Gracia Ventus. It is a design approach that draws upon luxurious materials and fabrics with experimental treatments and cut, then shaped into modern architectural silhouettes. Some are “ethnic” in flavor, others more classic European.

The Kitano jacquard silk shirt is unisex, with covered button placket, banded collar, long sleeves

The silk used is made in a specific region in Guangzhou, southern China.

The production of this silk is a 16-step process that is very time- and labor-intensive. Unlike automated modern textile production, every bolt of the jacquard silk is dyed entirely by hand. Raw silk is spun into yarns, then woven into cloth and printed with a Rosen-designed motif, before undergoing multiple rounds of soaking and drying in dark natural dyes from vegetables such as potato and yam. Each bolt of fabric, typically spanning 20 meters, is then unfurled and laid flat by a group of workers on a large field.

Then, giant brushes are used to coat the upper side of the fabric with mud from a nearby river; this iron-rich mud gives the silk its unique black overtone with a brown underside. After washing off the mud in the nearby river, the fabric is left to dry in the sun, letting nature work its chemical reaction, before being kept in storage for three to six months. A final wash is required before it can be ready for clothing production.

• Boxy fit, high-low cut, long sleeves with cuff

Sizes available:

1: 44″ around at the chest, 27″ long in front, 30″ long in back

2: 46″ around at the chest, 27.5″ long in front, 30.5″ long in back

3: 48″ around at the chest, 28″ long in front, 31″ long in back

DUE TO THE SENSITIVITY OF THE FABRIC, THESE MUST BE HANDWASHED (gently, please) in cold water, and hung to dry. A light steam iron can be used to release wrinkles–recommend doing this from the inside out.

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