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Savla Textiles Tussah Silk Scarf 2


Monika and Ushma Savla launched a fledgling textile studio about 5 or 6 years ago, focused on block printing, weaving and kantha (running stitch) embroidery. These are of beautiful coloration, high quality and contemporary patterns, luminous surface effect. The brand that the Savla sisters are producing under is “Kadamba Textiles”; Kadamba tree is a fruit-bearing tree that is believed to have been the tree under which Lord Krishna played his flute.

• Tussah silk is like a “raw silk” and comes from a silk moth that fees on leaves from oak and jamun trees rather than the mulberry leaves that cultivated silk worms feed on. Oak and jamun leaves are rich in tannin, which is what gives tussh silk a lustrous, rich hue.

• Block printed

• 72″ x 22″ rectangle

• Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry and iron (do not steam as it leaves water marks on tussah silk)

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