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Setsuko Torii Linen Knit Cardigan Blue Denim


Setsuko Torii is a Kyoto-based knitwear designer who embodies the aesthetic that we love about Japan: subtle, minimalist, restrained and respectful use of color. She works with natural fibers of cotton, linen, ramie and stainless steel. She only draws upon nylon or poly when she is creating a texture like a boucle as needed.  Her work is particularly appropriate for slender, petite women.

• Elbow-length sleeve cardigan, slightly raised collar

• 100% cotton linen, interesting overlapping for buttoning

• Dropped shoulders, no pockets

• Slightly A-line

• best fits sizes 6-10: 46″ around at the bust, 50″ around at the hips, 27.5″ long in front, 26″ long in back

Dry clean

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