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Shawn Bluejacket Sterling Silver Earrings with Sunstone, French Wires


We met up with Shawn Bluejacket, Shawnee, of Tulsa OK, at the end of this year’s annual Indian Market following a very successful weekend, and mutually decided that we were made for each other. Shawn’s sterling silver jewelry is quite modernist in design, luxurious, and has influences in architecture, classical antiquities and the Dada art movement. Shawn was raised in New Zealand, attended university in California, and furthered her studies in Santa Fe, where we hope that she will return to in the future.

Bluejacket’s designs combine brushed and etched silver and gold, precious stones, and assymetry. Her humor reflects whimsy that is also found in her work.

• 2-1/2″ length

• Sterling Silver with  round sunstones

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