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Sri Indigo-Dyed Cotton Shibori Yukata with Butterflies


Sri is a dealer in Brooklyn, specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, operated by Stephen Szczepanek in 2001. We have arranged for the showcasing of pieces of Stephen’s for our indigo focus.

• Early to mid 20th century

• Indigo-dyed cotton work gloves

• 57″ x 48″

• A Yukata is a casual, unlined kimono, used for summer

• Repeat pattern of bold graphic and abstractly rendered butterflies, seeming to be fluttering over the entire surface of the yukata

• Butterflies are often detailed in a way that exaggerates their delicacy and beauty in Japanese art

• Cotton fabric, likely handwoven

• There are some areas of use, around the neck

• Charming “mistakes” where some of the butterflies are left as outlines and not filled in

• Very appealing and collectible

• Decorative, can be hung or worn


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