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Susan Summa Checkerboard Knit Vest Red & Grey


Acclaimed American knitwear designer of the 1970’s-2000, Susan Summa created highly graphic knit vests and jackets that many of us collected and adored.  After many years of being asked, “will Susan ever create her wonderful sweaters again?”, we’ve engaged Susan to design a new item for us, which we are producing exclusively for TOKo Santa Fe clients through our partnership with Knitwear Labs Amsterdam. Created in merino wool, this knit vest is just the coolest thing over a tee shirt, a white blouse, a dress, etc.

• Square armholes, stand collar

• Progressively larger checks on each panel–left, right, back

• No closure

• One size: 44″ around at the bust, 25″ long

Dry Clean Only

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