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Swallows from Portugal


TOKo Santa Fe is pleased to introduce its new flock of ceramic swallows. The swallow is a symbol of today’s Portugal. Andorinha is the word in Portuguese, and it all started with one of the most well-known Portuguese artists, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro in 1891. Bordallo Pinheiro created a set of ceramic swallows in clay, with a shiny glaze, that continues to be produced today. You know that the swallow is a migratory bird that always returns to the same place to nest, year after year. It is said to happen because a swallow only has one partner throughout its life. As a result, the swallow is associated with values like Home, Family, Love, Fidelity & Loyalty which has resulted in the exchange of these ceramic figures between lovers.

Swallow Associated Traits
Luck, Love, Happiness, Protection, Summer, Joyful, Peaceful, Fidelity, Graceful, Ingenuous, Style
Made in Portugal, fragile, glazed clay.

These make an adorable and treasured gift for friends, sweethearts, grandchildren, yourself!

4 sizes:

• largest has an 8″ wingspan, 5-1/2″ length, $65

• next largest has a 6″ wingspan swallow, 5″ length, $55

• the next smallest third has a 4-1/2″ wingspan, 4″ length, $38

• and the smallest, sweet guy has a 2-1/2″ wingspan, and is 2-1/2″ long, $25

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