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Victoria Rivers Tribal Collection Group 1


Victoria Rivers is a textile designer-turned jeweler and tribal jewelry dealer. She ventures to Morocco as often as the pandemic, her wallet and the world allows. She just returned at the beginning of this month, “…deliberately collecting original antique and vintage earrings in Morocco because they are starting to disappear.”

We have asked Victoria to join us at TOKo Santa Fe this week, November 18-20 for a trunkshow where we can feature her “wares”.

Left to Right

1. Antique Berber Moroccan cone, dove foot print and coral earrings  $168.

2. Necklace with antique Berber Moroccan Foulet Khamsa amulets, dove foot prints, coral and antique coins.  CA-252a  $1350.

3. Antique Tuareg amulet necklace called Ingall, with antique silver beads and Saharan garnets,  SA-141  $1495.

4. Antique Moroccan kitab amulet box on fine silver chain with coral; reverse is beautifully engraved with a protective inscription in Arabic, Ida ou Samlal Berber, $695.

5. Kabyle Algerian Berber earrings with coral and sterling,  $195.

6. Elegant 4 strand antique Mediterranean coral beads, long and easy to wear,  $7500.

7. Top Right: Foulet Khamsa style earrings in silver, $36.

You may order these in advance by contacting us at 505-470-4425.

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