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Revitalizing Precious Japanese Crafts

JAPAN CRAFT 21-TOKo-circle
Japan Craft 21 is a Japan-based initiative to ensure that important Japanese Crafts will continue in this century. As in many cultures, rarified “works by hand” are at risk of disappearing, as the technological world speeds up, and the last of the masters die out or retire, without apprentices to replace them.

Learn more about this work at the website, /

Last Fall 2021, a small group of Japanophiles banded together under the TOKo Santa Fe banner to provide financial support for an initiative of revitalizing potentially disappearing textile crafts in Japan. We have been waiting for a project to materialize and we think we have it. 

UPDATE 2022: Asako Takemi, kimono designer, has initiated working with an experienced textile dyer, and connected her with 3-4 Textile Dyeing Masters in Japan

We had an update by co-founder of Japan Craft 21, Steve Beimel, about the Textile Apprentice Initiative that TOKo-circle members are helping to underwrite on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Please watch this program by clicking on this link.

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