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Zoom with Japan-based Craft Expert & Advocate, Steve Beimel, August 25, 5pm MT

Japanese Traditional Crafts – Can they survive in the 21st century? Steve Beimel is an American, a resident of Kyoto, Japan, who has played a fundamental role in introducing museum and collecting communities from all over the world to the culture and rich traditions of Japan for decades. In 2018, he founded JapanCraft21, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing vulnerable Japanese crafts to flourish in the 21st century.

Steve has invited TOKo Santa Fe to create a “Circle of Support” for these ongoing craftspeople, as we gain greater awareness and appreciation of Japanese craft. The following recording of Steve’s conversation with us from August 25, 2021 will be available here for the next couple of weeks.

August 25th Zoom with TOKo Santa Fe


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