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COOL: Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming

Most stories about climate change tell of the disasters and impending doom caused by our environmental follies. COOL:Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming by TOKo-circle client and friend, Paola Gianturcoand her co-author and granddaughter, Avery Sangster, offers a different perspective.

Watch the recording of Paola’s uplifting and motivating presentation of how women and girls across the globe are using intelligence, creativity, energy, and courage to help stop global warming.


Paola Gianturco and 6th grade granddaughter, Avery Sangster interviewed and photographed women leaders in 10 countries: 
…the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Tanzania, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, and Hong Kong, resulting in a compelling set of stories of how they are actively combating the effects on their communities wrought by global warming. The profiled leaders include politicians, corporate executives, scholars, heads of grassroots groups, and leaders of organizations dedicated to environmental repair.

Paola and Avery unpack the steps being taken to evoke change. They motivate us all generations to LISTEN TO ONE ANOTHER, demonstrating that change is possible.

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